Frequently asked questions

Debt Validation 101

Is Debt Validation Legal?

YES, Let there be no confusion. Unlike most of the debt industry that use's creative methods to solve consumer debt problems, Debt Validation is your right as an American Citizen. Working within the framework of a comprehensive debt relief strategy, it can be highly effective in resolving difficult debt issues. For additional information, click the link above to review the Federal Statute Section 809. This is the law and can be a powerful tool when properly applied.

Are Debt Validation and Debt Settlement the same?

No, This is not a Debt settlement program. Although there are many similarities between a Debt settlement program and a Debt Validation Program, they are fundamentally different. Debt Settlement is a creative method to try and negotiate a lower total amount for the debts a third party collector claims they own. This is in no way a guarantee or backed by law, unlike Debt Validation.
However, a more traditional definition may define debt settlement or debt negotiation as the attempt to resolve a debt between two parties at a lower amount than originally owed. These negotiations may be between the lender and the borrower or a third party representative for the borrower.

Typically the settlement process is executed after the account has been charged-off and goes to collections. The original lender usually does not wish to negotiate.

Do The Program Payments Go Towards Paying Off My Debt?

No, Your Alleged debts will have been "charged-off" by the origional lender and your information sold to a debt buyer or collection agency. Typically the national average is 5 cents on the dollar. The low monthly payment you are making to the Validation program are for the fees for services. This includes the Validation process, Legal protection, Credit Restoration, and Consumer Advocacy if you continue to be harassed after entering the program.

Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, within the first 5 days you can recieve a full refund. However, most people ask what happens if the debt validation process is not successful in dismissing the claims on the alleged debt. In that case you will receive a refund for the portion of debts that could not be invalidated. This takes approximately 30 days to receive, although some clients choose to simply use the refund to pay down the fees they owe the company. This will lower their monthly payment and is a popular choice.

Are There Up-Front Or Hidden Fees?

No, This program is very straightforward and transparent, there are no up front cost or hidden fees. The goal of the program and all parties involved is to advocate for your rights under the law and execute a program that will get you out of your debt situation as soon as possible.

What is Debt Validation?

Debt Validation is the right of the American consumer to request verification or sometimes referred to as validation of the alleged debt. This law was enacted under the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (F.D.C.P.A.) in 1978, (Click the link for the complete statute.)