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  Coming together is the beginning, Keeping together is progress; Working together is success

- Henry Ford


Sherene and Jazmine are known to their audience as the ProFashional Nurses who spread positivity, encouragement, and advice through their Instagram page @ProFashionalNurse. Both Sherene and Jazmine attended Bethune Cookman College of Nursing and earned their Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2012. Unknown to them, a college friendship would soon turn into an unforgettable travel nursing experience that initiated a gateway to inspire others.


Sherene, a Miami native grew up in a community that suffered from many economic crisis. It was virtually impossible to ignore the startling inequities in educational achievement, incarceration rates, and graduation rates among the individuals in her community. Fortunately, she grew up in a household where her grandmother, mother, and aunt were all nurses a factor which lit the spark to her passion to become a nurse. At a young age, Sherene believed that nursing was her calling and she credits that calling to growing up in an environment surrounded by nurses and watching them care for her disabled older sister. Sherene persevered through all adversities and became a Registered Nurse in the state of Florida after graduating from Bethune-Cookman University. Shortly after obtaining her degree, she began her nursing career as a Registered Nurse at the University Of Miami Hospital where she served a plethora of patients on the medical-surgical and cardiac step-down Unit floor then eventually departing as a nurse in the Intensive Cardiac Care Unit. 


On the other hand, Jazmine, born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland had a unique perspective on why she decided to pursue a fulfilling career in the field of nursing. Unlike Sherene's childhood experience, Jazmine wanted to change her family's tradition and become the first college graduate in her immediate family. Jazmine was not always sure what she wanted to do, but she knew that she wanted a career that was emotionally and mentally rewarding. It was in Jazmine's senior year of high school that she decided to follow her "gut feeling" and do what no one in her immediate family had ever done before, that is, apply and graduate from college! Jazmine's "gut feeling" led to her success story of becoming the first in her family to graduate college and earning her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Bethune-Cookman University.


Soon after graduation, Jazmine became a Registered Nurse in the state of Maryland. Jazmine worked at a trauma center in the Baltimore Metro area on a Telemetry unit where she completed her nursing residency program. She decided it was time for a change. Jazmine packed her bags, stepped out of her comfort zone, and moved to Atlanta, Georgia. While in Atlanta, Jazmine worked as a staff nurse on a post-surgical trauma unit where her leadership skills developed to a charge nurse and preceptor to her colleagues. After gaining confidence in her nursing skill set, Jazmine decided to step out of her comfort zone again and begin the adventurous lifestyle as a travel RN.


Fast Forward to September of 2016, Jazmine could not keep the excitement about her travel experience to herself, so she decided to share the experience with her college friend, Sherene. Little did she know that by sharing this experience with Sherene it would inspire Sherene to take a big leap of faith. Sherene packed her bags, moved from a place she knew as home all her life and began her journey as a travel nurse.


Jazmine and Sherene's travel nursing journey was such an amazing experience! It afforded them the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience, experience new places, maintain a social life, and explore the country. Jazmine and Sherene worked at the same facilities when traveling, but different specialty areas. The unique part of their journey is that Jazmine and Sherene enjoy sharing the life experience as travel RNS but work two completely different shifts. Sherene is an overnight nurse while Jazmine is a dayshift nurse. Although they don't see each other too often, both Jazmine and Sherene firmly believe in the importance of having a work-life balance. They both agree that the work-life balance affects the well-being of individuals and feels it is a necessity for people to set aside time and energy to travel, and participate in social and family activities. 

Because of the outpour of messages received on both Sherene and Jazmine's personal Instagram pages of people asking about their experiences and requesting advice, they decided to work together to create a way to share their experiences with everyone. This led to the creation of their well-known @ProFashionalNurse Instagram page. Jazmine and Sherene identify as ProFashional travel nurses who inspire, motivate, and empower current and aspiring healthcare professionals through social media. They share a passion for caring, inspiring, and mentoring others. They love taking photos and believe that you can be a nurse and fashionably fly at the same time! A career in nursing affords you the opportunity to impact many lives and it is ProFashionalNurse's goal to impact others in and outside the hospital.